August 14, 2014


It’s here. It’s here. It’s here.


Actually, not yet. At least not in the world of Slingers Saga. That championship has yet to be decided, but the road starts here and now.

That’s right, kids. Volume #4 in my five-part ebook series–WHERE GODS CANNOT SEE–is live!

Click here to buy the multi-format (that includes Kindle), DRM-free ebook bundle directly from me for just two bucks.

Click here to purchase the Kindle-only version on Amazon for a dollar more.

It’s a simple choice.

I’m immensely pleased and proud of this volume. As always I want to thank Brand Gamblin for his stellar ebook formatting, design, and conversion, Scott Pond for his ass-kicking graphic design work, and my boy Helljack for all he does for me here at MW.com in support of my work.

Next week will bring some more exciting stuff in the Slingers universe. I’ll be posting my state-of-the-union address on the series, asking you for your help in spreading the word and pumping up the internet before the finale drops, and explaining exactly how you can go about doing that with me.

I’ll also be revealing Scott Pond’s cover for the fifth and final volume of the series, SAVAGE WEAPONS, dropping October 8th.

Unlike previous installments, WHERE GODS CANNOT SEE does *not* include a preview of the next cover. The cover of SAVAGE WEAPONS is the most important in the series, and I wanted it to be a surprise.

You’ll understand when you see it.

That’s it, kids. Please enjoy the newest episode of Slingers, and please spread the word about it.

I’ll see you next week for the harshness.


Slingers One Fall cover final