Rowlf: Gravel-Voiced Baron of Anthropomorphic Angst

May 6, 2014

Late of evening past on Twitter I randomly began espousing my love for my all-time favorite Muppet character, master pianist and international hound of mystery, the gravel-voiced anchor of the Muppet cadre himself…



What followed was an equally random yet brief, powerful narrative that has since become possibly my favorite thing I have ever tweeted. And although many folks obviously share my fandom, and also appreciated the exploration of Rowlf’s possible backstories, it was late as shit and most people who follow me in America during the day probably missed it. So even though I never do anything like this I’ve decided to repost it here on my blog.

Besides, if anything I’ve posted to Twitter has ever deserved to be preserved here on it is this.


Rowlf 1

Rowlf 2

Rowlf 3

Rowlf 4

Rowlf 5

Rowlf 6

Rowlf 7

And as I ended this narrative on Twitter, if you have any doubts of Rowlf’s superiority as a Muppet icon, just remember that not only was he the first Muppet to appear on national primetime television, but at its initial conception Rowlf was running shit on Sesame Street and Kermit was little more than his sidekick.

True story.