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Jul 30

July 30, 2014

Introducing Bobby Lombardi: A Request for Help

Most of you won’t recognize the name Bobby Lombardi, and there’s really no reason you should. He’s not a famous or even particularly well-known figure, even in the professional wrestling industry, despite the fact he contributed to that industry greatly over several decades. In the 90’s Bobby founded the Long Island Wrestling Federation and opened a wrestling school in Brooklyn, NY called the Doghouse. The first incarnation was an abandoned dress factory with giant holes in the ceiling. The second,…


Jul 16

July 16, 2014

If It Ain’t Slightly Delayed Then It Ain’t #SlingersSaga

Hey, kids. Despite my best, maximum efforts to avoid any last-minute ogre belches releasing WHERE GODS CANNOT SEE we did indeed run headlong into a couple of unforeseen technical difficulties with the ebook that may require a few days to resolve before it goes live. You may have questions as to what the deal is with these repeated delays. It’s understandable. I’ve prepared some brief notes on the subject. All of these things are possibly true. 1) It’s Amazon’s fault….


Jul 11

July 11, 2014

Welcome to Slingers Saga Q&A and Swag Giveaway! Questions answered! Winners revealed!

Welcome to the first ever Slingers Saga Q&A, kids! Because fuck Reddit, that’s why. For the last week I’ve been compiling your questions submitted via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook about the series, and now it’s time to give you all of the answers you seek. I also promised to award swag to a lucky querying few, and I will deliver on that promise now. We’ll handle that business first, because I know that’s why you’re *really* here. Swag winners, step…


Jul 3

July 3, 2014

Announcing SLINGERS SAGA Q&A and Swag Giveaway! Ask questions! Win prizes! Be in the story!

RARE AND RIDICULOUSLY COOL EVENT INCOMING! Hey, kids. So SLINGERS: THE VICTIM HOLD was released last week, and it is cookin’. It’s doing better than the previous volumes of the series and giving me hope I might break this creative and professional endeavor wide yet. We are just about two weeks out from the release of volume #4 in the Slingers Saga, WHERE GODS CANNOT SEE, and I’m even more psyched than I was dropping the last volume. I wanted to…


Jul 2

July 2, 2014

Simple Math: 33% off SLINGERS: THE VICTIM HOLD When You Buy Direct

Hey, kids. So, last week finally saw the release of the delayed third volume of my ongoing SLINGERS SAGA and you gals and guys are exceeding my expectations by a country mile covered in the exploding whiskey-flame wreckage of a big-block Dodge converted into a roving distillery BECAUSE THAT JUST MAKES YOUR EXPECTATION-EXCEEDING MORE BADASS. Anyway. You’re buying the book. You’re reading the book. You’re reviewing the book. You’re turning new folks onto the series. I very much appreciate it. I…